Mupliplayer top-down shooter for CyberSport
«The Earth is doomed. It is no longer available for life. The richest people are already
run over to another homeworld. The rest was left for fight for their lives. Chemical, biohazard, sickness, mutations, nature disasters and uncontrolled violence reduced population to handful of savages, zombies, militarized tribes and mutants ...»

«Limbus – the station on a Earth orbit that serves as bridge between these two worlds. We are a mercenaries, reservoir dogs, a seekers who takes missions on search and delivery important and valuable stuff from abandoned planet ...»

«You are a seeker. Work hard to deserve a chance to get into the new homeworld. Your future depends on you. ...»
Unreal Engine
Golang Servers
Downloadable Client for MAC and PC Web Application Support
iOS / Android Mobile Application Support
Buy to play, DLC
Providing CyberSport API to providers
PC, MAC, Consoles, Exclusive publishin

EXPLANET gameplay [development mode[
EX-PLANET is a sessional top-down shooter with rich world environment and gameplay. Colony successfully combines
post apocalyptic and sci-fi genres. Player starts the game as a mercenary in orbital station (home location). There are a lot of agents offering missions of varying difficulty. Player is free to choose location, day time, equipment and arsenal to achieve personal goals.

Acting on Earth player have to overcome radiation, contaminated areas and aggressive enemies. AI presented with different types: wild animals, infected people, militarized savages and robotics. During mission player can refill ammo, change weapons by requesting supply drop, local strong points of finding valuable loot on location. After player back to home location all collected items can be sold, traded or used for next expedition.

There are additional PvP and cooperative PvE locations with more valuable stuff and tasks.
Multiplayer also presented with PvP Arenas for CyberSport and cooperative PvP-PvE tournaments.

Minimum game session is about 10 minutes to give player ability play whenever he want.

Game satisfy all players needs: resources management, safe locations, social interactions, achievements and challenges, customization and fame. Also it is suitable for all player types: collectors, social, killers, explorers.

Our features
Home location on orbital station with resource management, market, tournaments and other activities.
Large arsenal and equipment types to upgrade and customize your character.
Big variety of locations to explore: frozen towns, deserted villages, underground bases etc. Additional secret locations.
Various enemy factions, dangerous contaminated areas and radioactive lakes.
Procedural generated and random events.
Easter eggs, humor, interesting stories and horror moments.
SP, PvP, Coop PvE modes.
Social connections (chat, in-game news, clans and clan wars).
Game Editor for community to create custom content.
Very easy character controls.
AAA level project with top-down view
100% skill based game
Inbuilt optimization for Cyber Sports provides
Development mode
Dmitry Alekseyev
[Chief Executive Officer]
28 years game experience. 7 years modding experience. 3 years as a professional game designer and 1 year as a game Art Director. 4 years in sound design and production. Strong knowledge in game design and monetization. Real Tactical maneuvering experience. Senior gamer in military games. 6 years in digital marketing and PR.

Vladimir Muraviov
[Chief Technical Officer]
Has strong mathematical knowledge background, MBA degree in IT sector. Work for more than 12 years in games development with backend systems such as microservices, multiplayer server, high load management. Professional skills in games, strong skills in team management.
Christina Muratkina
[Business Development Officer]
Over 10 years in software development, especially in games. Was working as a lead of games development studio. Big experience in team management, design, testing and implementation of software solutions. Has strong experience in investment controls, funds distribution. Leading marketing and PR departments.
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