Chervona Kalyna
Ukrainian symbols from ancient times till nowadays: a cute souvenir cockerel, a majestic golden coat of arms, cold sharp swords and a real hetman's mace — all this awaits player's in the authentic slot!
Game Description
Onlyplay presents a new hit Ukrainian-themed slot — Chervona Kalyna!

Just look at this design: a cute souvenir cockerel, a majestic golden coat of arms, cold sharp sabers and a real hetman's mace — a symbol of the strength and power of Ukraine. Immerse yourself in the history of a great country from ancient times to today — feel yourself like a brave Ukrainian playing this authentique slot, big wins are waiting!
Chervona Kalyna is available in 13 languages. Any currency is accepted, including crypto. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Game name: Chervona Kalyna
Release date: 19 MAY 2022
Game type: Video Slot
Theme: Ukraine/ Viburnum/ National symbols
RTP: 96,06%
HIT: 12,64%
Volatility: medium
Paylines: 20
Platform: HTML5
Mobile: Yes
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
Game orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Game resolution: 19:9
Currencies: all (including crypto)
Languages: EN, ES, DE, TR, ZH, IT, JA, RU, PT, PT(BR)

Mace multiplier
In Chervona Kalyna there is a special so-called "Mace Mini Slot" (1 row and 3 reels — Mace Reels) located above the standard 3 row and 5 reels slot — Mace Reels. Mace Reels are used to determine the Mace Multiplier for each spin. Mace Multiplier multiplies the Wins formed as a result of winning combinations formed on Mace Reels. Mace Multiplier is determined based on the combinations formed on Mace Reels as a result of 1 spin. As a result of the spin of Mace Reels the following Mace combinations may be formed.
In Chervona Kalyna 5 jackpots are available, namely Minor, Mini, Major, Mega and Grand. The jackpots are available only in this game and are not connected with any other games. Either jackpot may be won only in the Jackpots game.
Paytable displays a list of winning combinations and the coefficients (multipliers) on which the bet amount made by the player will be multiplied in the event, when such combination is formed. The symbols, except Special Symbol, must be next to each other in a payline in order for a winning combination to be formed.
A separate paytable displays a list of winning combinations and coefficients (multipliers) by which the player's bet will be multiplied if the desired combination appears. Symbols can be paid anywhere on the playing field.