Crystal Cascade
New features exclusively developed by Onlyplay inspired by social gaming,
and skill-based elements in our new cascade slot !
Game Description
Crystal Cascade is an 8x8 slot with cascade mechanics.
The unusual design of the game is largely due to bright, precious multi-colored crystals, each of which can give the player real wealth.

The developers have added TNT Booster to the game, using which a player can increase his winnings many times over by removing all the symbols on the playing field in one click. In addition, Crystal Cascade provides the familiar free spins mode and speed up bonus! But first things first.
Game name: Crystal Cascade
Release date: 31 MAR 2022
Game type: Video Slot
Theme: Booster / Fruits / Bonus game / Bonus Buy / Skill-based feature / Progress feature
RTP: 95,45%
HIT: 38,61%
Volatility: high
Max Exposure: х10180
Platform: HTML5
Mobile: Yes
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
Game orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Game resolution: 19.5:9 / 9:19.5
Currencies: all (including crypto)
Languages: EN, ES, DE, TR, ZH, IT, JA, RU, PT, PT(BR)
TNT Booster skill-based feature
With the help of TNT Booster, the player can blow up all the icons on the playing field. The feature can be used at any time when the player himself wants to use it. This is a relatively new feature, but it has already become a real hit in the world of online gambling. Indeed, with the help of TNT Booster, a player can completely change the course of the game within a few seconds, increasing his chances of dropping a winning combination.
Free Spins and the Colour Bomb Booster
The speed of filling the progress bar depends on the number of exploding symbols —the more of them, the faster the progress bar fills up. Each spin has a chance to complete all the progress, which means winning 10 free spins. As for the Colour Booster, it's also available in Crystal Cascade. With it, the player can explode all the identical symbols on the playing field, thereby increasing his chances of getting the most successful combination.
Free Spins mode
Depending on the number of exploding symbols on the playing field, the personal Progress Bar is filled. Accordingly, the more symbols exploded, the higher the Progress Bar. When it is completely filled, the player's multiplier increases — up to x100!
Game features & Buy Bonus
A cool feature with which the player can play his favourite bonus game ASAP. And all he needs to do is to buy it and play at any time, instead of waiting for the right moment.
A separate paytable displays a list of winning combinations and coefficients (multipliers) by which the player's bet will be multiplied if the desired combination appears. Symbols can be paid anywhere on the playing field.