Bring back summer at any time of the year with juicy fruits, hot fire and spicy peppers — in Hot & Spicy there is serious excitement and a big win for you!
Game details
Do you feel it? It's about to get really warm in here! Hot & Spicy — is a game for real thrill-seekers who are always ready to take risks for a worthy reward!

Sometimes we all miss something new, but hotter! With our new Hot & Spicy slot you'll definitely remember what it's like to burn with impatience and desire to win! While wild fire is raging everywhere, you remain in a cold mind and continue to increase your winnings. The additional mini slot 1x3 with peppers that give ability to win multiplier will further warm up your interest and give you the opportunity to take risks without fear of bright flames and flying red-hot sparks!
Game name: Hot & Spicy
Relese date: November 2021
Game type: Video Slot
Theme: Fruits
RTP: 95,36%
HIT: 12,28%
Volatility: medium
Paylines: 20
Platform: HTML5
Mobile: Yes
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
Game orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Game resolution: 16:9
Currencies: all (including crypto)
Languages: EN, ES, DE, TR, ZH, IT, JA, RU, PT, PT(BR)
Chilly Multiplier
In Hot & Spicy there is a special so-called "Chilly Mini Slot" (1 row and 3 reels - Chilly Reels) located above the standard 3 row and 5 reels slot - Fruity Reels. Chilly Reels are used to determine the Chilly Multiplier for each spin. Chilly Multiplier multiplies the Wins formed as a result of winning combinations formed on Fruity Reels. Chilly Multiplier is determined based on the combinations formed on Chilly Reels as a result of 1 spin. As a result of the spin of Chilly Reels the following Chilly combinations may be formed.