Juicy Crush
Social features exclusively developed by Onlyplay
implemented in our new game coming soon!
Game Description
Juicy Crush is a new exciting 6x6 fruit-themed slot based on cascade mechanics with a bright and juicy design, high-quality animation, appropriate sound effects, and real big payouts. But the main thing in this slot is by no means this.

In Juicy Crush, Onlyplay first implemented a skill-based feature TNT Booster, with which a player can explode all the symbols in the playing field, thereby increasing his chances of dropping a winning combination.
In addition, free spins are also available in Juicy Crush, as well as the ability to increase player's winnings up to x100 while playing free spins mode.
Game name: Juicy Crush
Release date: 24 FEB 2021
Game type: Video Slot
Theme: Booster / Fruits / Bonus game / Bonus Buy / Skill-based feature / Progress feature
RTP: 95,35%
HIT: 7,70%
Volatility: high
Max Exposure: х10180
Platform: HTML5
Mobile: Yes
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
Game orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Game resolution: 19.5:9 / 9:19.5
Currencies: all (including crypto)
Languages: EN, ES, DE, TR, ZH, IT, JA, RU, PT, PT(BR)
TNT Booster skill-based feature
TNT Booster is a skill-based feature that explodes all icons in the field. And most importantly, the player himself chooses when to use the booster. Such a completely new mechanic has already been used in social gaming, but this feature has appeared in Onlyplay games for the first time. TNT Booster adds momentum to the game and gives the player a sense of control, which increases the level of his retention, as well as involvement in the game process.
Juicy Crush Main game
Jack Potter Symbol
The more symbols a player explodes, the faster the special progress bar will fill up. Each spin has a chance to complete all progress and win 10 free spins. Colour Booster is also available in Juicy Crush, with which a player can explode all symbols of the same type on the field. Thus, he increases his chances of dropping a new winning combination.
Free spins mode
During one spin player's progress bar fills up and depends on the number of exploded symbols. The more symbols explode, the higher the level of the progress bar will be. When the progress bar is full, the player's current multiplayer increases. So, in Juicy Crush he can increase the winnings up to x100!!!
Bonus Buy feature
In Juicy Crush you can start the Bonus Game by "buying" the favorite Bonus Game session. In addition, your progress is always saved, so you can come back anytime.
Paytable displays a list of winning combinations and the coefficients (multipliers) on which the bet amount made by the player will be multiplied in the event, when such combination is formed. The symbols pays anywhere on the field.
Juicy Crush supports multiple devices' formats