Limbo Cat
Limbo Cat is a new trending multiplier game with an improved bonus game and progressive jackpot, released by Onlyplay in November 2020.
Limbo Cat
What makes Limbo Cat unique?

  • Dropdown bonuses
In addition to the classic growth of the multiplier, in "Limbo Cat" the player can receive x-bonuses in boxes, which instantly increase the multiplier. However, we decided to spice up our game a little by putting mines in some of the boxes that explode the tank and stop the game - so "Limbo Cat" became even more exciting.

  • Accumulative jackpot
Also, our game has gained an advantage over other trendy games of this segment through the accumulative jackpot. It's evenly distributed among the players who risked reaching a special bonus box with a hidden jackpot. This will significantly increase the audience of players wishing to hit the Big Score.

  • Customization for different target audience
The games visual part is made on the basis of research of target audiences of the CIS, Europe and Asia markets.
Game name: Limbo Cat
Release date: November 2020
Game type: multiplier/crash
RTP: 95.00%
Volatility: high
Max Win: х10000
Mobile: yes
Game Resolution: 1015хwide
Supported platforms: desktop, web-mobile
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
Languages: English, Russian