A unique game module that allows you to increase the total profit of your platform up to 10%
The module uses the last amount won in any game, offering the client to double it
To increase loyalty, there is no loss in this game - instead, the player receives a consolation prize of ½ of his bet
Lucky Coin
We created this game for those who knows that winning is cool and winning x2 is astonishing! Lucky coin gives you a chance to double your balance or divide it by two, but you will never lose here. Good luck!
Game name: Lucky Coin
Release date: August 2020
Game type: Modified single-player game
RTP: 98%
Volatility: STDmin = 0.70, STDmax = 4.66
Mobile: yes
Game Resolution: 16:9
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE
Languages: English