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Onlyplay has partnered with to host Real Money Sweepstakes!

A unique format, 3 cool prizes at stake, fair play and simple rules of participation — all this is Sweepstakes!

All the necessary details below in our brief article.

Chipy is a casino bonus blog with a twist. The platform has a large community of gambling enthusiasts that rate and review their experiences with the casinos in exchange for Chipy coins - the site's virtual currency.  These coins can be used to purchase different items, including entries in Real Money Sweepstakes.

You can earn coins by sharing your actual experience with a particular casino site, by rating casino games, or by playing slot games in Chipy's Playground (where you gamble using your existing coins). Once you have enough coins, you can use them to buy cosmetics for your avatar,  claim exclusive bonuses, and, most importantly, redeem real cash prizes. 

Still, the most exciting feature on Chipy is Sweepstakes. As a member, you can purchase tickets for the Sweepstakes using your coins. If you're lucky  to win the contest, you will receive a large sum of coins and, in some cases, large real money rewards. If you're just getting started with Chipy, you can also join some of the sweepstakes for free, but the rewards aren't as great.

- Some info about the Monthly Sweepstake:
 • You can enter this sweepstake between November 1 and November 30, 2021
 • Only users level 2 and above can enter this sweepstake
 • You can buy 100 tickets in total, up to 10 tickets per day, each ticket costs 200 Coins.
 • There will be 3 prizes ($100 + 2,000 Coins per winner)