Gambling world: How and where did the symbols of fruits appear?

Whether you are a gambler in a land-based or online casino, you will definitely find bright slots with delicious fruits and berries everywhere. Juicy cherries, ripe strawberries and fresh lemons — such cute symbols for a serious and adult gambling business... But where did these fruit symbols come from?

In the distant 19th century, slot machines used the classic card suits: clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. Gambling was extremely popular with people at that time. And the authorities simply couldn’t ignore that fact - they began to take rather tough methods to combat gambling. This is how slot machines that used images of card suits were completely banned.

But the manufacturers of gambling machines were not simpletons either. Now, instead of card suits, images of fruits were used. So, if the player dropped, for example, 3 cherries, then the player received ... cherry-flavored chewing gum.

Thus, fruit slots didn’t violate the new law, because in case of winning, the player didn’t receive money, but chewing candy with fruit or berry flavor.

Of course, after some time, such a strict law regarding card suits was canceled. But the images of fruits on the displays of slot machines were so popular with the players, that even today, these days, we often come across slots with such cute appetizing pictures.