Asian Gambling Market Analysis: Summer Edition

Let’s talk about online gambling, basedon information fromthe Online Gambling Quarterly - Summer Edition with Asia focus, compiled by MECN.

MECN is a world-renowned company, founded by former BCC consultants, that has been publishing fee-based gambling industry reports and magazines for over 15 years.

Read a short summary of the most up-to-date information on online gambling in Asia here.

Trends and recommendations
The majority (52%) of the 145 surveyed experts and market insiders assess the current business climate as “satisfactory” or “poor”. 48% of experts believe the current business climate of Asian online gambling to be “good”. Since June 2020, we have seen a continuous improvement of the situation. COVID-related lockdowns might have given the industry a positive push to its development. As to the future outlook, 56% of experts believe that the business climate will be “good” in the next 12 months.

Expected winners 
DraftKings and BetMGM are seen as the operators that will likely experience the most revenue growth over the next 12 months. Possible “small” revenue growth potential was shown by Sisal, Tipico and Zeal/ Tipp24.

Product trends
The ranking with market participants is led by mobile betting which still has the largest growth potential in the next 12 months. The impact of bitcoins is gaining momentum — the expectations in Bitcoin-related gambling products increased for the fourth quarter in a row.

Regional focus
The US leads the regional market and shows the highest growth potential. In the recent surveys the Asian and Latin American market also ranked pretty high. The lowest position is occupied by the Swedish and UK online gambling markets.

Asian markets growth expectations
The Asian markets are highly diverse — most of them are “greyish” with sometimes limited judicial enforcement taking place. But regarding growth potential in the next 1-2 years, Indian and Japanese gambling markets are expected to have a large growth. The main thing is to expand the liberalisation to push larger publicly traded companies into the Asian markets.